What if I can’t afford a home gym machine yet?

No problem.

You can still build a great gym without splurging for a machine. There are plenty of affordable options that will help you get started.

Here’s a list a short list of some of the home gym essentials:

Top Home Gym Equipment [Essentials]

Home Gym EquipmentProduct Description/Max WeightPrice
kettlebellCap Kettlebells 20 lbs.CAP Barbell Enamel Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell$$
exercise-ballExercise Stability Ball2000lbs Static Strength Exercise Stability Ball with Pump$$
Bowflex 552sAdjustable DumbbellsBowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells$$$
resistance-bands4Resistance BandsTheraBand Latex-Free Resistance Bands$$

Wonderful thing about fitness is that there are various methods and tools that can be used to achieve your results.

Whether it’s weight loss or muscle gain, the equipment are available but it’s just a matter of knowing which to use and determining which is most effective.

If you’re goal is to focus on cardio and weight reduction, then your requirements may be bit less.

In some cases all you may need are a pair of tennis shoes or one set of adjustable dumbbells and/or resistance bands coupled with a video program like P90x or Insanity.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for muscle development, you’ll need a bit more such as a bench, barbell and dumbbells, pull up bar, etc.

A little advice regarding the weight plates for your barbell and/or dumbbells.  Get cast iron weights as opposed to cement weights.  You’ll have to replace cement weights eventually but cast iron will last you virtually forever.

Regardless, whether you decide to purchase a home gym machine, cardio machine, or separate pieces of equipment, you’ll need more than just the equipment itself.

You’ll also need the proper flooring such as rubber mats to absorb and cushion the impact.  Tile, wood, and laminate flooring can get damaged rather easily and carpet isn’t thick enough and would just be an absolute pain to vacuum with all of the equipment in the way.

Invest in a mirror.  I don’t care who you are, when you start feeling/seeing the results, you’ll want to look at yourself during your routines so get a full length mirror.

Although debatable but some say another good investment would be a television set.  Probably not a good feature to have if you’re a serious lifter but it’s nice to have the game on or a show to watch in between sets.  It’s a definite must during your cardio workouts not to mention the fact that it makes the time fly.

There are so many affordable options.  Just be creative and take your time in building your home gym. You’ll find that each piece of equipment can have multiple purposes so you’ll be able to avoid making additional purchases for specific exercises.

Here are a list some popular equipment that many have found to be very effective:

  1. Kettlebells
  2. Adjustable Dumbbells
  3. Flooring
  4. Resistance Bands
  5. Exercise Ball
  6. Workout Videos



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