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Best Home Gym Equipment for 2018

It's 2018 and like many others, your New Year's resolution involves getting in shape and dieting.  If you’re reading this, you probably don't want to join a gym but would rather have a gym setup at home. Before you start researching for the best home gym equipment,...

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Body Solid EXM1500S Review

This is an older machine that still remains as one of the more popular models due to the number of routines you can perform in such a compact design. A newer model was released as the G1S, however, there only appears to be some minor changes that were...

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Here are the Best Spin Bikes for 2018

A lot of people love indoor cycling. What's not to love? The loud music... ...the fast pace... ...the trainers yelling at you... ...and you quickly adjusting the dial when the instructor is not looking. Don't worry, we've all done this.   Benefits   If you've never...

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EVO IX Bike Review for 2018

When I first saw this bike, I didn't know what to think. From a distance, it looked a bit odd without the exposed flywheel but mechanically, it's actually quite a creative design. The EVO IX utilizes what they call an ORB system, an internal gear system that is...

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Bodycraft SPR Review 2018

Reputed for their durable home exercise equipment, Bodycraft came out with their own version of a modern indoor bike with the introduction of the Bodycraft SPR. If you're a cycling enthusiast, you'll love the way this bike performs with its smooth, quiet ride. Very...

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Our Keiser M3i Review – Finally!

Keiser are pioneers in the fitness industry and continues to be at the cutting edge. Although some bikes come remarkably close to its performance, Keiser remains in a class of its own. So, it should be of no surprise that Keiser is on our list of the best spin bikes....

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Our RealRyder Review for 2017

This is a great bike with some very distinctive features. It’s one of the very few bikes that are designed with a pivoting motion that allows you to lean and turn, giving you a real cycling experience. Stationary bikes force your body to rock side to side, especially...

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Best Power Rack for Your Home Gym

Are you looking for the best power rack? If you enjoy free weights and are about ready to setup a home gym, you're probably ready for one. Whether you're into Crossfit, powerlifting, or just simply into good ol' weight lifting, a power rack will be your best friend....

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