Good gym equipment is somewhat subjective.

And people usually associate good equipment with a higher cost but most fitness professionals and veterans will agree that is not always the case.

You’ll find people with tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment versus those with hundreds of dollars worth of equipment get just about the same type of results.

So, when you’re searching for the most affordable home gym equipment, you don’t necessarily have to think about price.  Focus on durability, quality, and overall versatility.  You’ll find plenty of affordable home gym equipment that provide both.

The list that I provide here is nothing spectacular and isn’t going to have the typical equipment you may find on other websites. These are simple, unique, affordable, and honestly effective equipment you’ll be able to use in your home…

…and the best part?  They won’t drain your bank account.

These aren’t water bottles, chairs, or stones in backpacks…

…these are REAL equipment that you can leave out on display…

…and you won’t be embarrassed by them!

Here are eight, great affordable home gym equipment:

1. Bike Trainer Stands

Gotta bike? I mean one that you ride on the street? How would you like to ride it inside your home while watching TV?

This bike trainer provides you with 6 levels of resistance and you can use virtually any type of bike on it.

Don’t worry about noise because it runs very silent and as far as stability, it’s nearly two feet wide so don’t worry.


Bike Trainer Stands can run you anywhere between $40 to $150+.  Amazon lists quite a few Bike Trainer Stands.  Just read the customer reviews for each one to get an idea which one is for you.


2. Jump Rope

Jumping rope isn’t just for boxers or kids and you don’t have to play double dutch to rake in the benefits.

It burns calories just as much as running and helps improve balance, coordination, and conditioning.

There’s different types of jump ropes but the thing you need to focus on is the length.  I know, that’s common sense but a little reminder doesn’t hurt.

Combine some jump rope with some body weight exercises and you’re guaranteed to lose weight fast.


Cheap.  It’ll cost what you pay for a t shirt.  Check out Amazon for a whole variety of jump ropes to choose from.


3. Resistance Bands

Like the jump rope, this is another go-anywhere, do anytime piece of equipment.

With resistance bands, the sky is the limit.  Since they come in varying degrees of resistance, it doesn’t matter what level of fitness your in.

Beginner?  No problem!

Heavy lifter?  There’s resistance bands for you too!

They’re so versatile, you can literally target every muscle from head to toe.

Resistance bands work folks and it’s proven time and time again.  Go thicker and use heavier bands for greater resistance.


You’re probably looking around a few dollars to about $40+.  You can buy them here.

Just a warning.  With resistance bands, you definitely get what you pay for so just be aware.  There’s nothing worse than a band snapping back at you during maximum stretch.


4. Pull Up Bars

I’m not talking about the your traditional pull up bar, although, those are great as well.

I’m talking about the multi-functional pull up/chin up bars that can be used for push ups and dips.

Pull ups and dips are probably two of the most important exercises for strength training among a couple other exercises.

I personally use the one from Iron Gym and love it.

And yes, it was seen on tv.

When you first get it, you’ll think that it’s pretty flimsy and that it might break.

I don’t know what gauge the steel is but its pretty durable.  I’m 230 lbs. and have been using it for years so I can attest to its durability.

There are plenty of others to choose from.

Just use the one for the door jams.  No need to splurge for the towers unless you have

These little bars are very affordable at least for the ones that you use within the door jams.  You can check out all of the pull up bars on Amazon.


5. Dumbbells

For those looking for affordable gym equipment, this is going to squeeze your wallet a bit but there are a few affordable options.

Dumbbells are one of those pieces of equipment that are probably most effective out of the short list of strength training equipment.

They are versatile and  extremely effective for strength training and muscle development.

Keep in mind, for budget friendly weights, you’ll probably end up on the lighter end.  Typically, the heavier you go, the more you’ll end up spending.


Dumbbells can get expensive but there are plenty that are very affordable.  You’ll find the heavier you go the more expensive they get.  The most expensive will typically be adjustable dumbbells which can run upwards of $200+ but regular dumbbells will start off around a couple of dollars.  You can find affordable dumbbells at Amazon.

6. Kettlebells

Kettlebells are awesome.

It’s one of the most practical and versatile pieces of equipment.

There’s so much you can do with them AND you can target ALL parts of your body.

Keep in mind that kettlebells are not for body building.  Although the routines will build muscles, the primary purpose of kettlebell exercises are to provide cardio and strength.

In order to determine which weight is best for you, try this.  Hold a kettlebell up until your arms are parallel to the floor.

Once you’ve gotten the kettlebell that suits you, be consistent and you’ll realize its effectiveness.


Kettlebells are pretty affordable but like most weights, price is based on weight among other factors.  Prices are pretty comparable to dumbbells.  You can shop for them here.

8. Exercise Balls

Aside from taking up space and being used as a bounce toy for the kids, exercise balls or stability balls are an affordable and great way to increase your cardio, strength, and stability.

Push-ups, squats, core exercises, and rehabilitative exercises are all but a few of the many benefits of an exercise ball.  Who knew a such a fun toy for kids could be such a great exercise tool.

Core exercises are very effective with exercise balls and there’s quite a few different exercises you can do.


$10 to $30 bucks is all you’re going to need to spend for a good stability ball.  They have a great selection in Amazon.