If you’re looking for an easy way to get fit, think resistance bands.

They can be used in gyms, homes, offices, clinics, hotels…

…heck, take them on vacation!

Despite its convenience, people, for whatever reason, tend to overlook them…

…not realizing their effectiveness.

Resistance band training is so convenient and easy to do as opposed to free weights.

It allows users to perform a full body workout.

You literally get a full range of motion and virtually eliminate the risk of potential injury you typically get from other types of exercise equipment.

Strength Training

People often ask whether using  resistance bands will result in  muscle development similar to the results you would get with free weights…

…and the answer is a resounding…yes.

Anyone who tells you otherwise, simply doesn’t know what they’re talking about…

…so avoid taking any further fitness tips from him/her.

The FACT is resistance bands allows you to perform a total body workout.

You may even find yourself hitting muscle groups you’ve never even touched with free weights.

You’ll especially notice drastic improvements to your core.

Just select the right color (resistance/tension level).

Just completing a few repetitions with the right tension will have your muscle fibers firing like crazy leaving you with a fulfilled workout.

People often use them coupled with the bench press barbells, pull ups, and to compliment other forms of exercises.

Phyiscal Therapy

Resistance band workouts are also extremely effective for rehabilitation.

You’ll often find them used by Physical Therapists as well.

They  tend to have a preference for their use especially when they’re used with cables or machine weights.

Unlike weights, workout bands virtually eliminate stress on the joints and allow the patients to perform comprehensive exercises.

You’ll even find athletic trainers incorporating them with their weight training regimen.

Types of Resistance Bands

Each resistance band comes in different colors and sizes … each color representing the amount of tension.

Some come in tube types or bands and some come with or without handles.

Some people prefer them without the handles due to the possible risk of injury from the handles or ankle straps possibly snapping off during a routine.

With the plain bands, you can simply wrap them around your hands or step on them.

Those who use them at home also use the door for assistance.

A door anchor is used that hooks over the door and the door is then closed to secure the anchor.

The band is looped or tied to the anchor allowing the use to pull and stretch.

Benefits of Resistance Bands

Resistance bands also come with several major advantages.

Use It Anywhere – You can take them with you anywhere.   Stuff them in your suitcase and use them in a hotel room while you’re on vacation, use them anywhere at home, or use them at at work.

Multiple Fitness Routines – Another major benefit is that you can execute more exercises with one band than you could with any home gym allowing you to target virtually every muscle group.  Target every part of you upper body.  Build your biceps triceps with variations of curls and extensions, chest and shoulder exercises, and your back, abs, and core.  Hit your lower body with variations of squats. Get creative and target your glutes, hamstrings, thighs, and calves.

No Spotter Needed – Workout alone without a spotter.  Free weights generally require a spotter to prevent any type of injury but resistance bands can be used by you alone.

Affordable – Resistance bands are one of the most affordable fitness tools available.  Much cheaper than any other piece of home gym equipment.

Very Effective – Resistance training is very effective when it comes to strengthening and toning.

Gentler Than Weights – Perfect if you have problems with your joints such as your knees or elbows.

…and of course with any list of advantages comes the disadvantages.


Limited Life Span – Unlike free weights, you’re going to have to replace them at some point.  The bands will at some point deteriorate in quality rendering them unsafe when they’re stretched.

If something snaps like the ankle strap or the door anchor slips while the band is stretched, prepare for some serious pain.

The ones with handles have the tendency to break or snap more often than the bands since the ends of the bands that are connected to the handles are the weakest part of the band.

Regardless of which type of band you use, it’s advisable for people to always check the bands for any wear, tear, or any flaw before use.

If you spot cracks or tear in the band, it’s highly recommended that you replace them.

We’ve performed intense routines with them and have seen them snap, hitting users in the hand or face.

Examples of exercise routines you can perform with resistance bands can be viewed at Theraband-exercises.

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