When I first saw this bike, I didn’t know what to think.

From a distance, it looked a bit odd without the exposed flywheel but mechanically, it’s actually quite a creative design.

The EVO IX utilizes what they call an ORB system, an internal gear system that is designed to function as a beltless or chainless flywheel.

This engineering is supposed to reduce the maintenance that would typically be involved with traditional bikes.

Without extensive use and testing, it’s hard to say but so far I haven’t heard of or read any reviews indicating any issues.

One thing is for certain, however, whether you’re out of the saddle or sitting, the ORB engineering provides a very smooth ride.


After a few uses, you quickly realize that it’s definitely a bike in its own class.

Another great feature of the EVO IX is its rocking motion.

Like the RealRyder bike,  it has an articulating feature that gives you that side to side swaying motion while providing the core and upper body benefits.

One of the key distinctions, however, is that the EVO IX has a locking mechanism (pivot lock) that prevents the bike from pivoting.

A definite plus in my book.

The overall structure and frame are rock solid.

According to the brochure, the IX model is designed for light commercial use and judging by the feel of the bike, it can withstand a lot of use.

I’m not exactly sure what the difference is between the CX and IX models but I assume it has to do with the internal components of the Orb gears because the frame feels the same.

Following the V-Shape like Keiser, the bike’s design accommodates users of various height.

Especially, with the fore and aft adjustments on the saddle and handlebar.

One thing to note, however, be sure to tighten the handlebar and/or seat or it will slide.

The bike uses a computer that provides a basic readout of the RPM, time, and distance.

It’s nothing spectacular but it does the job.

A knob is used to set the resistance and doubles as an emergency brake when pressed.

The manual indicates that the bike uses leather brake pads which I’m not a fan as I prefer magnetic resistance but it rides very smooth, nevertheless.


  • V-shape Frame – This frame design is the most efficient and accommodates riders of various height.
  • Durability – This bike is extremely durable. Even though it is classified for light commercial use, the bike feels like it will a last a very long time.
  • Adjustable – The adjustable height and fore and aft adjustments on both the handlebar and saddle make this bike suitable for users of various height.
  • Smooth Ride – The bike is very smooth for a beltless and chainless bike.
  • No belt/chain – Very little maintenance is required thanks to a beltless/chainless drive.
  • Pivot Lock – You can stop the sway with s simple flick of the pivot lock.
  • SPD Clips – Dual sided SPD Clips.


  • Noise – Although slight, there is a slight noise that comes from the gears.
  • Odd look: For me, it looks kind of odd. I’m so used to seeing a flywheel that it almost resembles a unicycle.


  • Dimensions: 48″ Long x 26″ Wide x 56″ High
  • Weight: 137 lbs.
  • Max User Weight: 350 lbs.
  • Resistance: Leather pads


You get a 10 year warranty on the bike that covers the frame., 1 year labor, 2 years, electrical parts, 3 years for mechanical parts, and 1 year for wear items (home use).



The EVO IX is an original…

…There’s no doubt about that.

It has a unique design that some may love or some may find a bit odd.

Either way, it is a great bike that really does gives a great cycling experience.

The swaying motion is definitely a selling point and makes this bike enjoyable.

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