Keiser are pioneers in the fitness industry and continues to be at the cutting edge.

Although some bikes come remarkably close to its performance, Keiser remains in a class of its own.

So, it should be of no surprise that Keiser is on our list of the best spin bikes.

Here’s a couple of things worth noting (bragging) with respect to Keiser Indoor Bikes:

  1. They were the first indoor bikes with the flywheel positioned in the rear of the bike.
  2. They were the first indoor bikes with a V-Shape frame.
  3. Keiser’s bikes were the first to use eddy current magnetic resistance and aluminum flywheel.

And that’s just a few of the many reasons why this is my favorite indoor bike.

Pricey, yes, but many feel that this bike is worth every penny…

…and quite frankly, so do I.


As innovators and leaders in their industry, Keiser was the first to introduce the V-shape frame.

This unique design proved to revolutionize the indoor cycling world by accommodating riders of virtually all sizes.

The rear fly wheel design provides one of the smoothest and quietest bikes we’ve ridden…

…and don’t let the light weight of 85 lbs. fool you…

…the stability is amazing.

Whether you’re standing or sitting, this bike is so rigid, you won’t have any concerns with any unwanted swaying or movement.


All of the necessary components are adjustable via vertical and fore-aft adjustments.

Raise the saddle and/or handlebar and set the fore-aft position for optimum comfort and performance.

Adjusting the resistance is as simple as raising and lowering a lever situated conveniently below the handlebar post.

This is much more convenient than the tension knob you typically get on other indoor cycles.

Need to stop?

Raise the lever all the way up to utilize the emergency brake.

Another added benefit is the backlit computer display.

In addition to providing the rpm, power output (watts or Kcal), heart rate, elapsed time, resistance level, and distance, this is the only bike that has a computer with Bluetooth capabilities.

You can link your tablet or smart phone and gather the data from your bike.

You also have the option of syncing with the various projection systems that its compatible with.

Quite frankly, the Keiser M3i is one of the best bikes on the market.

Its stability and smoothness is unmatched and being the pioneers that they are, you can see why they are the leading the industry.


  • V-shape Frame – Unique frame shape design provides a modern look in addition accommodating riders of all sizes.
  • Durability – This bike is of commercial grade. This will last a long time in your home or garage.
  • Adjustable – The revolutionary V-shape frame makes it easier for users to adjust the bike. Couple that with the fore-aft adjustments and you get a bike that can accommodate  users of virtually any height.
  • Magnetic Resistance – The use of magnetic resistance makes the bike quiet and thus, virtually eliminating any wear and tear you would typically get on other types of resistance bikes.


  • Price – At almost $2000, it’s not cheap but hey, you get free shipping through Amazon!


  • Dimensions: 49″ Long x 26″ Wide x 45″ High
  • Weight: 85 lbs.
  • Max User Weight: 350 lbs.
  • Resistance: Magnetic Eddy Current Resistance


This is really based on our own views of their warranty but it seems their warranty is pretty standard.

10 years for frame, 90 days for paint, upholstery, seat belts, hand grips, and other rubber and plastic products,  6 months for wearable parts which include the pedal cage, strap, and upholstery, 1 year chrome, 2 years compressor and dryer, cables, pulleys, and bearings, 3 years, cylinders, displays, processor boxes, and thumb buttons (except plastic parts), 3 years all inclusive (excluding labor and wearable parts).


The Keiser M3i has been at the top of our best buy list for the last couple of years.

If your  budget permits, this indoor cycle is well worth the investment.

No matter what level you are, this bike will satisfy most indoor cyclists.


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