This is a great bike with some very distinctive features.

It’s one of the very few bikes that are designed with a pivoting motion that allows you to lean and turn, giving you a real cycling experience.

Stationary bikes force your body to rock side to side, especially out of the saddle, but with RealRyder’s creative design, you get a similar rocking motion of a real bike.

The handlebar will lead you into the turns as you lean with a spring like resistance to help you center the bike.


The RealRyder is an extremely durable bike.

It’s commercial grade quality which is evident in its frame construction. Believe me when I say, it can withstand a tremendous amount of use.

It’s solid

…and the flywheel is incredibly smooth.

It uses a friction based resistance so you can adjust it with the tension knob conveniently situated right below the handlebars.

The handlebars and saddle height are fully adjustable with a fore-aft adjustments.

It will probably seat most users comfortably but I haven’t been able to determine what the height restrictions may be.

Judging by the bar height of both the saddle and handlebars, there will definitely be more limitations than most bikes.

One of the key benefits to this indoor cycle is the added core engagement.

You can typically throw your weight around on other stationary bikes but you need to maintain your balance on the RealRyder and that immediately engages your core.

If you need to keep track of your stats, there’s a small digital gauge that monitors the RPM, RPM average, your heart rate, percentage of max heart rate, heart rate average, Garmin ANT+ Link, training, distance, and KCal.


  • Unique pivoting feature that allows you to lean the bike
  • Strong, durable frame built for commercial use
  • A different type of workout
  • More intense ride due to the pivoting motion.
  • Fun!
  • SPD/Toe Clip Pedal


  • No locking mechanism to hold bike in position
  • Can’t determine resistance level
  • There may be some height restrictions.
  • $2095.00. Yikes!  Oh, and add $300 for shipping.  Did I say, yikes!


  • Dimensions: 59″ Long x 31.5″ Wide x 41.5″ High
  • Weight: 227 lbs.
  • Max User Weight: 350 lbs.
  • Resistance: Friction/Brake pads


As for the warranty, Realryder appears to provide a pretty standard warranty.

  • Frame – 7 years
  • Other (adjustment Knobs & Levers, Pedal Cleats, Pedal Straps, Saddle) – 6 months
  • Parts – 5 years


RealRyder International has evolved indoor cycling with the release of the ABF8 bike. The ability to turn, lean, and rock the bike puts it in a category all by itself, one that is not matched by riding a road bike indoor on rollers. It couples the joy and freedom of riding a real bike with the full-body integrated movement and balance challenges previously reserved for riding outdoors. In fact, the ride feels so real, you might find yourself reaching for your helmet.